“Often it’s not the actual idea but the people behind it who determine company’s success.”

We are here to help you realizing your ideas and projects.

About Us

We have founded KlickVentures in 2008, to implement their own business concepts and ideas and to invest in promising business ideas. In almost 10 years of company history we have collected comprehensive experience in the field of digital business models as well as their technical implementation and monetization.

In the last few years under the brand KlickConsult, we specialize on sharing this accumulated know-how. Whether corporate or startup, we help to implement concepts rapidly and sustainably.

With own employees as well as our extensive network we are able to implement various tasks.

Our focus lies in particular in the building and in the training of teams. In addition we support you in the optimization of existing team structures and processes in product management. Through our extensive know-how we could help already many companies - from management to TecDAX companies - to meet the challenges of digitisation of their business model.

Software Development -
Dedicated Development Teams

With our dedicated development team approach, we allow you a rapid build up of software development resources outside your company. For different customers, we could already build offshore development resources, successfully docked to the local product management of customers, and later completely passed them.

Our dedicated development teams offer great advantages compared to classical, project-based outsourcing approaches and provide short - and long-term for better results. The quality of the development outputs of our teams does not differ from the internal development teams.

Your benefits :

  • dedicated developers employed by you
  • recruitment based on your requirements
  • always available
  • developers work exclusively for you
  • rapid availability of new employees
  • teams of 4 or more
  • full cost transparency
  • long- or short-term collaboration possible (e. g. bridging capacity constraints)

Organizational Consulting

On the way to an agile and digital company, there are many hurdles to overcome. Many traditional companies are inadequately prepared hereupon.

We see ourselves primarily as entrepreneurs and design our optimization suggestions from the perspective of the entrepreneur. Our goal is to develop solution-oriented recommendations and to implement them. Our work does not end with the creation of PowerPoint slides, but it is just beginning for us so.

Boris Polenske - The Founder

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Serial Entrepreneur & consultant

The IT expert Boris Polenske looks back on a long experience as an entrepreneur in the IT environment.

Already as a student founded the company KlickSoft Boris Polenske and published an information software for the postal code conversion in 1993. In 1995, he brought 'D-info' on the market - the first digital phone book of in Germany. Four years later, Boris Polenske founded'klickTel GmbH, predecessor of klickTel AG, whose Chairman he was until 2008. He was responsible as a Managing Director and founder for PKW.de - an online price comparison platform for used cars - from 2009 to 2015.

Today he supports different companies in building up digital business models as an associate and consultant.

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